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  Passage 2 U.S.高速路发展历史

  The United States has one of the best highway systems in the world。
Interstate highways connect just about every large and mid-sized city in
the country。 Did u ever wonder why such a complete system of excellent
roads exists? For an answer, u would have to go back to the early
1920s。 In those years just after World War 1, the military wanted to
build an American highway system for national defense such a system
could if necessary move troops quickly from one area to another。 It
could also get people out of cities in danger of being bombed,
so-called roads of national importance were designated, but they were
mostly small country roads。 In 1944 Congress passed a bill to upgrade
the system but did not fund the plan right away。 In the 1950s, the
plan began to become a reality。 Over 25 billion dollars was
appropriated by Congress and construction began on about 40000 miles of
new roads。 The idea was to connect the new system to existing
expressways and freeways。 And though the system was built mostly to
make car travel easier, defense was not forgotten。 For instance,
highway overpasses had to be high enough to allow trailers carrying
military missiles to pass under them。 By 1974,this system was mostly
completed a few additional roads would come later。 Quick and easy
travel between all parts of the country was now possible。

  Questions 19 to 21 are based on the passage you have just heard。

  Q19。 What does the speaker say about the American highway system。

  Q20。 What was the original purpose of building a highway system。

  Q21。 When was the interstate highway system mostly completed。


  Q19。 演说者对美利哥高等第公路系统有啥评价?

  Q20。 建构公路类别的前期目标是什么样?

  Q21。 州际公路体系曾几何时抢先四分之二竣事?

  PSG 3

  Passage 3 智能方向盘

  Texting while driving was listed as a major cause of road deaths
among young Americans back in 2013。 A recent study said that 40 percent
of American teens claimed to have been in a car when the driver used a
cell phone in a way that put people in danger。 This sounds like a
widespread disease but it‘s one that technology may now help to cure。
T.J。 Evert, a 20 –year-old inventor, has come up with a novel
solution that could easily put texting drivers on notice。 It’s called
Smart Wheel and it‘s designed to fit over the steering wheel of most
standard vehicles to track whether or not the driver has two hands on
the wheel at all times。 Evert’s invention warns the drivers with a
light and a sound when they hold the wheel with one hand only。 But as
soon as they place the other hand back on the wheel the light turns back
to green and the sound stops。 It also watches for what’s called “close
by hands” where both hands are close together near the top of the
wheel, so the driver can type with both thumbs and drive at the same
time。 All the data smart wheel collects is also sent to a connected
app, so any parents who install smart wheel can keep track of the
teen‘s driving habits。 If they try to remove or damage the cover,
that’s reported as well。

  Q22。 What is a major cause of road deaths among young Americans?

  Q23。 What is Smart Wheel?

  Q24。 What happens if the driver has one hand on the wheel?

  Q25。 How do parents keep track of their teen‘s driving habits?


  Q22。 United States子弟死于道路的根本原因是怎么? Q23。 什么是智能车轮?
Q24。 即使司机四只手放在车轮上会爆发什么样? Q25。